Maintaining your relationship

Maintaining a relationship as a perfectly healthy couple is hard, there is no two ways about it you have to work and put in the effort otherwise it crumbles. Now maintaining a relationship when one of you has a mental health illness is damn near impossible but yet so many of us manage to do it, but how is that? Are we not as hard to handle as we think? No that can’t be because I know I’m a nightmare. Do you they feel sorry for us? Perhaps but sometimes a little sympathy isn’t a bad thing. Or do they feel too bad to leave? Again a big maybe but having a mental health illness does not make you incapable of looking after yourself it just makes each day that little bit harder to handle. We can all still be independent, we don’t need another to help us through but it is nice isn’t it? Myself, couldn’t be without my partner, he is my rock, my everything and he puts up with a hell of a lot. The mood swings, the back and forth to the doctors, the crying for no reason, the wanted to run a marathon! All of the above and more he does for me but most of all he makes me laugh and smile and feel loved every single day. That’s the recipe for maintaining a relationship, not relying on each other to get through the way but wanting them to be there everyday for the little things.


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