Teenage Moodswings?

When your a teenager, your meant to have moodswings, right? It’s all part and parcel of being at that age, your almost expected to have them just like when you were a baby and went through ‘the terrible twos’. But how do you differentiate teenage moodswings from a serious mental health illness. Well the truth is you can’t, there’s no magic test, no x-ray or scan you can have that can tell you if what your feeling is normal or not. The only way to tell is to wait, wait until you’re over that age and begin to feel like a adult then you really know if what your feeling is right but what if that’s too late. There are so many news articles around detailing the danger of mental health illnesses especially in young people and how vulnerable we all are at that age because you simply do not now the answer to the question “Do I feel right today?”. Too many young people take their own lives because they don’t understand or simply cannot handle how they feel on a regular basis, and what do we do sit back and feel sympathetic for them and their families because there is simply nothing else we can do. This is a situation I can align myself with as I went through this feeling of not knowing if i was okay or not, if i should be ignoring my thoughts or going with them as they were so strong. Luckily I got out the other side fit and healthy (well pills everyday and doctors appointments every week) but lightly compared to some and this is my story.


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