Can I still have a career?

Some of us have a burning desire to have a career whilst some of us are happy with just a job, but can you really have a career with a mental health illness. It makes it tricky, yes but it’s not impossible. It all depends on who you work for, if they are understanding about the rapid moodswings and the countless appointments then your one of the lucky ones but if they are more difficult than it can be damn right horrible to work let alone try and have a career. I am however one of the lucky ones, the people i work with are very understanding of the situation and are accepting if i need to go home early one day because i physically can’t stop the tears or if i start manically alphabetizing things but I do sympathise with people who have it harder than i do. Dealing with a mental health illness at home is hard enough but having to deal with it whilst trying to concentrate on a career is one of the hardest things and some people can’t even work because of the struggle. I guess my question is, can people really still have a career or are they stilted by their mental health illness?


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